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I have been working with HTML/CSS/JS for about six years and spent the last two keeping up with jQuery. I have primarily stuck with front end development as I am fascinated by the power of HTML, CSS and JS working harmoniously. I love spending hours a day working with Dreamweaver©, Photoshop©, Fireworks© (yes I said FireWorks!), and Illustrator©, creating web content from scratch.

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Experience counts folks. I'll never claim to be a guru but I know more than the average bear when it comes to the web and pride myself in this. But just as the web evolves daily, so does my knowledge. It seems every-time I learn something new, I have to replace something in my memory. Just by learning the Twitter© Bootstrap I had to forget the '89 Super Bowl; I'm sure Scott Norwood thanks me for that one. ☻

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Adobe© Master

I began learning Photoshop© a few years ago (five to be exact) but found that it lacked some of the tools I wanted to use for digital graphic creation. So I started using Illustrator©, Fireworks©, and a digital pen tablet and now create most of my own graphics for web sites. With CSS3 in full swing and being available on most mobile devices, I have learned to master the CSS and cut down the long load times of larger images.

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Web Design Guru

The idea that you can create whatever you want and display it for all to see has always fascinated me. The power of web applications and other technology makes the web a constantly connected network of information and ideas. A digital library for all...

Samples of previous custom designs

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I maintain sites for a variety of companies and handle the initial setup of the servers and email as well as getting any technology (e-commerce, CMS, etc...) setup. I also handle digital brand management by ensuring that all of their information is populated correctly throughout the web.

Software Test Automation.

This was a very cool experience I gained while working for Quickoffice® which is now a Google© company. Using Ruby and Cucumber, I was able to create fully automated server tests that allowed for rapid application deployment of server builds. The tests decreased testing from one partner a week, to 21 partners a day. Automation Rocks!!!