Long Live Flash!

Yes Flash© certainly had it's hayday long before HTML5, CSS3 and Framewroks liks jQuery came to fruition. But did you know that a lot of online games for Mac and PC still use the core flash engine and actionscript!

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Flash and Adobe's Commitment

Flash is still a viable option for many development, marketing and advertising needs and can still be quite useful for some. Unfortunately, due to Apple© and their insistence on not being Flash compliant, it has lot some steam in the past few years. But not to worry, third party browsers like SkyFire© make flash viewable on your iPhone and most Android phones natively support it. Not to mention that you can build out mobile applications using Flash and Flex technology. So fear not you brave souls who spent years honing your flash skills, you are not deprecated yet!

And for you true diehard Adobe fans out there, don't forget about Edge Animate that allows you to create HTML5/CSS3 animations and add some .edge files to your portals that already work with all of your popular browsers. Flash isn't dead, it's just being reforged.
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Some basic flash samples of mine...

Most of these were created in Flash© CS4. Although I am still a supporter of Flash© and most if not all Adobe© products, I have switched focus to HTML5/CSS3 transitions for banners and marketing ads.

Flash vs HTML5/CSS3

It can really depend on your target audience. Many Tablet and Mobile phones do support SWF files so users will be able to view the content. Even iOS which does not natively support SWF files does have browsers in the app store that support Flash content up to certain versions.

Redirect and User Agents

The best plan is to provide duplicate content that can be seen by a variety of users. Typically a few scripts embedded in the master HTML template will direct users to specific pages that contain media and code specifically designed for that platform. This site for example uses a simple JS script to read the primary user agent data of the browser that is viewing the content and direct from there. So for example, when a user goes to my site on their iOS or Android OS device, they are redirected to THE MOBILE PAGE automatically when the main landing page loads.

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