Terms and Conditions for Code used in this Site

The code that makes up this site is either mine or someone elses depending on what you are looking at. Please note that any usage of technology, scripts, etc... requires that you give recognition to the person who wrote the script. Any third party libraries or scripts used within have their copyright and/or author information either displayed or in the code itself. If you are able to view the source and get the scripts that way then you are smart enough to see the license and or author attributes contained within and I expect you to use them.

Terms and Conditions for Images, Logos, Graphics, etc... contained within this site

Please note that any third party libraries and/or images used within my site comply with Open Source©, GNU©, MIT©, Creative Commons© or other regulations and usage rights. I have exclusive rights to display any logos, images, graphics and banners that were created by me or that I obtained permission to use and this applies to any copyrighted images or logos displayed within my graphics. If you wish to re-use any images, logos, graphics or artwork contained within this site you will need to get permission either from me or from the entity who owns said logo or graphic. Any question, please contact me and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you.

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